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What is a Meta Version?

What exactly does the term meta version mean? To put it simply, a meta version of something is an abstract or prototype that gives you an idea of what the real version will be like once it’s finished. An example of this could be writing out an agenda or schedule in advance so that you have everything planned out when you get to your appointment; then, if necessary, you can check off items as they’re completed and make sure that your schedule stays on track.

Importance of having a well-optimized version

Over 200 million new websites and over 1 billion new web pages are created each year, making it more difficult than ever to get discovered by relevant audiences. To combat that challenge, developers are increasingly turning to meta versions of their sites and pages to help jumpstart traffic and direct it to other authoritative destinations. In fact, one recent study found that using 3rd party sites for SEO has become incredibly popular because search engines like Google will send traffic directly back to your site rather than passing it along. By ensuring that people visiting your website or page don’t leave immediately after reaching your page (or immediately bounce from your page) you can be sure they see as much of your content as possible.

How to identify your target platform

To get your app published, you’ll first need to identify which app marketplace you want to sell in. There are a variety of different app marketplaces out there, such as iTunes or Google Play. Identifying which platform best suits your needs will ensure that your app reaches its target audience. Reviewing where apps are most commonly downloaded from can help you figure out where to host and promote your own application. This will depend on how much money and time you want to spend on marketing; there’s no point in spending money on paid advertising if most people come across it organically through Apple or Google searches.

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Why you should start working on your meta version as soon as possible

Before you create something—whether it’s an operating system, a table saw, or a new bicycle for your kid—you have to imagine what it will look like. It’s easy to skip over steps in our heads when creating something; we might say that we plan on starting on our version of The Hobbit tomorrow, even though we haven’t actually written anything yet. We go through all of these mental hurdles because they aren’t real. If you don’t start writing your book now, nothing happens if you don’t get it done by December 31st (even if you were to make New Year’s resolutions!). However, just because something isn’t tangible doesn’t mean that it can wait.

When should you start working on your meta version?

Your meta version needs to be as finished as possible before you start writing your book. You want to avoid problems like not knowing exactly how your book will be published and being unable to choose between different opportunities that come up during publishing. It’s also hard work on top of writing, so it’s best if you can focus all your energy on one thing at a time. A simple rule of thumb is that if someone offers you an opportunity that would make your book better, or which might lead to greater exposure for it, but wouldn’t require much new work from you—such as having it featured in an anthology—then take them up on it.

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How do you optimize your site for different platforms?

To say that content optimization is an art and not a science would be an understatement. The number of variables at play when optimizing your site for each platform (search engines, social media sites, browsers) can lead to an overwhelming number of choices. But if you have a few rules of thumb that you follow while making these decisions, it will help narrow down your options and allow you to optimize quickly. Here are some strategies that we’ve found to be effective in our own experience with clients

Final thoughts

In terms of keywords, you want to make sure that each post is centered around a main term. This main term can either be used directly in the title or appear multiple times within the post itself. When writing your titles, think about how customers would search for your topic and use those phrases in your headline to maximize your visibility. Along with keywords, it’s also important to write great content that will help both current and potential customers. Use call-to-actions throughout your content to drive people to complete actions like registering for a webinar or downloading an ebook, so they are engaged long enough with your site to see that you’re trying to sell them something!

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